1969 BOSS 429 VIN #9F02Z198745 was built on May 27, 1969 in Dearborn, MI. It was sent to Kar Kraft in Brighton, MI on May 28, 1969 and the Boss 429 engine and companents were installed after removing the 428 CJ Mother and modifying the shock towers. There it was converted to Boss 429 KK #1857. On June 13, 1969 it was shipped to Southwest FD SLS, Co. in Panama Heights, OH. It was sold to Joseph Pezza in New York on July 8, 1969. Joe owned the car 24 years until September 8th 1993. He traded the car to a dealer in Sebring, Florida for a new Ford Taurus. The dealer put the Boss in his collection of cars until he sold the dealership. At that time he sold the car to the current owner on August 31st 1998. The car has been to shows and in a private showroom since 1998.The actual mileage on the August 31st sale date was 17,983. The mileage today is 18,102.

This Boss 429 is a very low mileage, mostly original paint and interior car. It has the number matching engine with the VIN stamped on the block. The dates and casting numbers are all correct for the original engine. It has the engine tag still under the coil hold down bolt. It has the smog and complete ram air breather. Please check out the pictures to confirm the casting numbers and dates of components. This car has the numbers matching transmission with the original RUG AE2 tag. The dates and casting numbers that are on the man case and tail housing are all correct for the top loader transmission. The shiftier is original to the car and the transmission. The markings on the drive line are still there. The rear axle has its original tag and the differential carrier is dated correctly for the 3.91 locking unit.

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